Preannouncement of EuroMarine 2018 calls

2018-03-07 by: MedZoo

Please find upload the preannouncement of EuroMarine 2018 calls (for proposals of activities and for individual fellowship applications) and provisional 2018 lists of (a) EuroMarine members and (b) corresponding General Assembly representatives (to let scientists in your respective organisations find EuroMarine partners in preparation of future proposals). The calls will open on 4 April 2018. The call for proposals of foresight workshops or working groups will close on 31 May. The call for fellowship applications (open to young scientists from full member organisations, as well as from invited member organisations in Morocco, Peru, South Africa, Tunisia, and Turkey) will close on 27 April. Please note that the calls have already been preannounced on the general EuroMarine mailing list (see the online version at: and posted on the EuroMarine website (see Following up on discussions held at the last GA meeting and on a SC decision, we have recently invited you to provide email addresses of scientists in your organisation, and/or to encourage them to subscribe to the EuroMarine mailing list (the latter can be done at any time at: This campaign already yielded a 16% increase in the number of subscribers. However, some potential proposers or applicants within your respective organisations might not be included in the list.

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EUROBUS Workshop

2018-01-18 by: MedZoo

EUROBUS Workshop will be held on January 29-30, 2018 at  Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (Naples, Italy) and has been organised by Marco Uttieri. Approximately 30 scientists will attend and discuss invasion events of Pseudodiaptomus marinus. 

Biological invasions are a  major problem for aquatic ecosystems. Among invasive copepods,  Pseudodiaptomus marinus  has started the colonisation of several coastal and transitional areas of the Pacific Ocean. Over the last 10 years, the presence of P. marinus has been documented in European waters (Mediterranean Sea, European Atlantic coasts, Southern North Sea), and the number of recordings is rapidly increasing. The main goal of EUROBUS is to define the present state of the European invasion by P. marinus and the identification of future perspectives in studies focusing on this species. In particular, the meeting will represent a forum through which monitoring in real time the evolution of the distributional range of this species in European waters, relating its spreading to the different potential means of introduction and environmental conditions in the invaded areas.

For further information, please, visit web page

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MedZoo working group was created

2017-05-21 by: MedZoo